Sunday, June 13, 2010

Tour de Fleece! I'm in!

If you are familiar with Ravelry, each year, the 'Tour de Fleece' takes place in July. Okay, before you all think I'm daft----the 'Tour de Fleece' takes place during the same time as the more well-known 'Tour de France.' For those of us who are 'bicycle-challenged' and fiber-oriented, we choose to "spin" in a different way. We spin fiber---of our choice of course, with the idea that we start spinning when the Tour de France starts and by the end of THAT race, we have our "goal" yarn. Enter, stage left, my fiber----called "It's Complicated" the colorway named by Linda Diak of Diak Designs in Grafton, Vermont (I like to stay local). And so, in July, on the day that the Tour starts, I will start spinning 'It's Complicated.' (By the way, I just saw the movie last night and it's GOOD! But, I'm a sucker for Meryl Streep who comes from my alma mater state New Jersey). Not sure if I'm going to ply 'It's Complicated' with itself or with another colorway from Diak Designs---stay tuned! P.S: I've joined the "CogSPINitive" team.

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