Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sum-Sum-Summertime!! Episode 12 is LIVE

Last weekend was warm & humid here in the Northeast---thankfully, we've had a reprieve---a front came through and we have much more comfortable conditions. Hoping that your summer is going well and you are able to find a cool spot somewhere.

Fiber Conquests:
Knitting: Well, unfortunately, my one-and-only sock from the first installment of the Rockin' Sock Club has two serious flaws........the first is that the heel does not line up properly with the toe and the other, more disconcerting problem is that the colorwork has made the sock way too non-forgiving i.e.: I can't get it on my foot!! All is not lost however, I intend to frog the sock (after I've had a couple of glasses of wine!) and re-purpose the yarn! The July installment (4th) has arrived and I'm liking the colorway.........maybe I should just leave it in the skein and adm
ire it.

In crochet:
the "I'm a convert sweater" from the book, Crochet Me: Designs to Fuel the Crochet Revolution, DONE!! I decided to leave the lower sleeve pieces off and go with a 3/4 length on the sleeves---looks good. I'm pleased with the yarn as well.

Bi-crafty project: The Kristy cardigan from Green Mountain Spinnery has been set aside until the fall when cooler temperatures will prevail.

Petal Pullover by Robyn Chachula from the Spring 2011 edition of Interweave Crochet. After a few false starts, I'm on my way working
on the body of the pullover with Louet's MerLin---60% linen, 40% Merino. Hook size: F Colorway: Crabapple (a raspberry red)

Painted Desert Skirt by Kristin Omdahl from the Fall 2009
edition of Interweave Crochet. I've completed all of the motifs that make up the hemline of the skirt and I've sewed them together. Now I'm working upward from those motifs toward the waist of the skirt. This has been a really fun project and quite a departure for me---I've NEVER crocheted/knitted a skirt!! I hope it looks good on me!

Spinning: I participated during the 'Tour de Fleece' and I was quite productive! My goal was to spin one of the two alpaca fleeces that I have in my possession---I don't own them; they belong to a colleague. The fleece has been spun, plied, skeined, washed & set---DONE!! Yay! I'm thinking that I need to get back to my own spinning projects.........

Crochet Shirret! I've ordered the supplies for the class I'll be teaching at Fiber College this September! Yay! Still working up sample projects for inspiration!

What's happening in the barn and on the farm?

Rabbits: Midnight and I lost her entire litter due to age and operator error.........lesson learned!
On a brighter note, our chickens, all six of them, arrived on 7/9 and have settled in nicely. We've gotten a few eggs already (YUM!) and we're hoping that they eventually will figure it out that they should lay the eggs in the nest boxes rather than on the floor!

Garden notes: We had a great harvest of salad greens this year---it was great to have fresh salad every evening for two weeks straight! The zucchini has come in and we've harvested two peppers so far. The string beans are just about ready for the pickin'----and our CSA box is keeping us busy!

I found a stud ram for Sayda---he will arrive this fall around Thanksgiving and stay on the farm until Christmas---hopefully, we'll be welcoming a lamb or two in the spring.

Cats: Ray is slowly becoming a lap kitty and Doora is still being stand-offish, but I know she'll carry her weight around here as a good mouser.

Sleeping on the Job: Hail to our 1st responders.

Yammer: SOAR (Spin-Off's Autumn Retreat) is being held this year at the Radisson in Mancheter, NH. After much himming and hawing, I have signed up to go to the retreat portion of the "Retreat." The retreat is made up of workshops that run Monday-Wednesday, and Thursday of the week of October 2, 2011. The "retreat" portion happens Friday-Saturday of that week. Due to work constraints and the fact that I've been dragging my butt about committing to the retreat, I've decided to partake in just the retreat portion and I'm happy with my choices of classes that I'll be attending. The vendor market consists of 35 vendors and will be open on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

Other upcoming events: Fiber College in Searsport, Maine. September 8-11.
Vermont Sheep & Wool Festival @ the Tunbridge Fairgrounds, Tunbridge, VT. October 1-2.
SOAR (Spin-Off's Autumn Retreat) @ the Radisson Hotel, Manchester, NH. October 2-8.
STITCHES East @ the Connecticut Convention Center, Hartford, CT. October 20-23.
New England Fiber Festival @ the Big E in Springfield, MA. November 5-6.

Hope to see ya there!