Sunday, March 13, 2011

Spring Thaw

Busy weekend, what with not one but two knitting skills classes!! I'm NOT complaining---can't think of a better way to spend a late winter weekend in New England. We had some warm temperatures and rain which has caused some melting of the snow pack; some ice jamming on the rivers and some flooding. An ice storm earlier in the week made for some interesting travel to say the least. Not ready though, to knit cotton or linen---still likin' my wool!

Fiber Conquests

1) Double Knitting Class at the Elegant Ewe in Concord, NH. We're making the Sizzling Hot Hat by Lucy Neatby. The hat incorporat
es double knitting, a technique that makes a double-sided fabric. Yarns by Crystal Palace: Mini Mochi and Mini Solid. Yarn is 80% merino wool/20% nylon, machine washable, and k
nits to 7-8 sts/inch on size #1-2 needles. My swatch:

2) Shawl collar Vest class continues at WEBS (Class #3 was last week, Class #4 today). We crocheted the 3 steeks and cut them open last week. Today, we finished off the armholes with garter stitch and I-cord bind off.

3) Rockin' Sock Club---okay glacial progress here, but at least it's progress! I'm past the zip line heel and onto the foot. MUST GET SOCK DONE!! Next installment of the club is probably on its way to my pressure.

1) Frosted Windowpane Pullover from Interweave Crochet Winter 2010. Swatch--done. Started the foundation single crochet.

2) Seamen's Church Hat (check previous blogpost for link--free pattern) DONE!! Nice construction on this hat---made from my handspun.

3) Crochet Shirret: Cut up some strips from a new fabric---a white and pink checkered fabric. Will add this to the rug-in-progress (see last blog post for pic).

4) Want to participate in a really neat Crochet-along a.k.a. CAL? Check out Crochet Me--the e-newsletter (free!) put out by Interweave Crochet. The CAL (hosted by Sarah Read) is Sidney's Sideways Socks which you can find in Interweave Crochet Accessories 2010 (special edition) which came out last year. Find your edition at the Interweave website.

Spinning: Check out this BFL hand-dyed wool on my Mongold spindle.

What's happening on the farm?
No new redecorating, but now I have sheep walking on snow and jumping over the fence!
Shearing this week---YAY!

Sleeping on the job: The language we speak

Yammer: Fiber College update

Check out Robyn Chachula's blog and her website.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Episode 6: "Barn Fever"

Hello folks! Sorry for the delayed Show Notes----life and farm sometimes conspire to get in my way or, sometimes I just can't get out of my own way!

Thanks to lasknit2 & Byshyp for wonderful reviews on iTunes!! Yay! A big welcome to all the new folks who have joined us on the Counting Sheep group on Ravelry. Great pics of some great projects---check it out if you haven't gone over ther
e in a while.

Fiber Conquests

Knitting: Shawl Collar Vest Class at WEBS with Annie Foley. We've had some time for homework (3 weeks) and I have knitted up to the shoulders after forming two armhole steeks. Along the way, we are decreasing at the neck to form a V in front where we will be knitting the shawl collar eventually. The picture will probably look a little wonky to you as the armholes have not been cut open yet. Next class, this Sunday, March 6th. Pattern can be found in Meg Swansen's Handknitting.

Rockin' Sock Club: Still on the leg but making progre
Loving the colorwork!

Crochet: Riverstone Cardigan is DONE!! Yay!! A fun crochet project done in Cascade 220--a great yarn. Had lots a good times with this one.

Now on t
o the Frosted Windowpane Pullover on page 48 in the Winter 2010 issue of Interweave Crochet. I'm swatching for that project right now.
Timely tip: Make c
opies of patterns you are using---less wear and tear on the magazine and/or book!

Crochet Shirret: a Uniquely American craft that combines shirring of fabric strips onto a special hook and crocheting the folds of fabric into an array of projects. Check out my rug in progress:

Spinning: Nothing new---2010 alpaca clip is spinning like a breeze thanks to the folks who professionally processed the fiber for me!!

What's happening on the farm?
Fergus redecorates......much to my chagrin. Bentley is hoping the snow NEVER melts.

Buddy had his thyroid hormone levels
rechecked this past week and we found out that we're over-medicating I went back to the vet to get a proper dosage of medication---he'll need a recheck in a couple of weeks. Good news is that he gained over a pound in the last month---which I'm happy about----he was getting to be quite skeletal in nature.

Sleeping on the Job: Do YOU believe in a full moon?

Check out the latest edition of Knitting Traditions from the folks at Piecework Magazine. You can find it at the Interweave website.

I've submitted an application to be an instructor at Fiber College which is held in Maine in September. Hoping to teach Crochet Shirret there. Also hoping to be a vendor there.

Until next time!