Saturday, December 24, 2011


Episode 14: Tidings

Seasons Greetings Everyone! The title of this episode of the podcast is "Tidings," a word derived from Old English, German, and Old Norse meaning "news" and "information." Very fitting for this late-arriving podcast on Christmas Day, because I have boat loads of things to tell you.

Missed my pod-iversary on December 4th---hard to believe that I started podcasting well over a year ago and was truly unaware of the type of commitment I was in for. It has been fun nonetheless and I aim to continue as long as I'm able to.

Thank-you to all of you who have stuck with me through my erratic podcast schedule. As I attempt to keep all of the balls of my life in the air, 2012 will hopefully
include a more regular schedule of podcasts. Enough said, let's get on with it....

Fiber Conquests:
Knitting: Wintry Mix Sweater by Amy Herzog
Inspired by her "Fit to Flatter" class I took at Fiber College way back in September!!
Yarn: Berroco Blackstone Tweed (65% Wool, 25% Superkid Mohair, 10% Angora) in the "Steamers" colorway. Looking fantastic---have 1/2 of a sleeve to set in yet and then the collar to knit........almost done!

Also, crazy me! Knitting another Sizzling Hot Hat by Lucy Neatby. Yarn: Crystal Palace Mini Mochi in solid Black and colorway Feldspar (I think..........misplaced ball band---I think the kitties are conspiring against me by hiding my ball bands so that I'll pay more attention to them!) Hat is by request for a co-worker anesthetist who fly fishes in 40-degree water (brrrrrrrr)----well you know what your mother said about keeping your hat on (it's true---we lose quite a bit of heat through our heads---just a little anesthetist tid bit thrown in there ;-) Thought I would work a steel head trout motif into the patterning.......I'll let you know how I make out with that one!!

In Crocheting: In keeping with the season, I'm making my own (mine! mine! mine!) Snowflake afghan. Check it out: free pattern from Red Heart: The Dusty Snowflake Throw.
Yarn: Cascade 220 Color #8505 which is a creamy white AND
Cascade 220 Paints Color # 9848 which is a blue variegated yarn.

Purchased at Baker's Yarns & Fabrics in Springfield, VT. Owned by Bonny Andrews, a very nice lady and avid knitter---she'll help you with anything!

In Spinning:
Dog hair from my sister's Sheltie (now deceased). I gifted most of it to her for Christmas and have just a small amount of it left. Not greatly fond of it---just doesn't spin like wool! ;-)

In Felting: Finally got my sheep done from the "Baa" cla
ss with Amy Felske at Fiber College. The sheep is soft sculpture with wooden legs--mostly sewn by machine and hand---one needlefelts the fleece of choice onto the body of the sheep as a last step!

What's happening in the barn & around the farm?
Our chickens are producing five eggs a day---we have one free-loading slacker out there and I'll have to have a talk with her as soon as I figure out which one it is....

Our rabbits, Hershey and Midnight are fairing well with the drop in temperature--what with a nice angora coat on, wouldn't YOU be comfy? Their winter watering system is on and keeping their water ice-free. I think they're finally used to the chickens and all the chicken noises!

Big news with the SHEEP: we've added to our flock!! After a lot of thought & attempts to get a suitor for our Bluefaced Leicester (BFL) ewe, Sayda, we decided on buying a BFL ram. Our ram came from Vermont (Kat Smith @ Stonesthrow Farm in Wallingford), which we are very h
appy about and he arrived on our farm on November 2nd.

Our new ram lamb is the topic of my first-ever CONTEST on the podcast. We need a name for him---mind you, he came with a name, but we aren't too fond of it as it has 4 syllables and while we can shorten it, it's not in keeping with the general theme we have here on the farm of two-syllabic names.

So, here it goes LISTENERS: I'd like YOU to name our sheep. I have a picture posted of the cute guy. Respond to the blog or the thread in the Ravelry group (Counting Sheep Podcast) with the name that you think fits him. Some guidelines:
a) It should be a male name
b) One or two syllables please
I'd like to run the contest at least until the end of February so that I can catch as many of you listeners as I can. Of course, I reserve the right to extend the contest if the submissions are meager in number. I'll select the winning name via random number generator and the winner will receive 1200 yds. of yarn from our sheep. Your choice of color is dark grey or creamy white. The yarn is worsted weight.

So that's pretty easy right? So submit your idea for a name for our handsome newcomer---can't wait see your postings!!

Sleeping on the Job
This episode topic is not so much about my career and not about anesthesia. It's about the ties that bind healthcare workers together. Those that take care of others have a unique relationship with each other. When that which we fight takes one of us, the loss is that much deeper. Rest in peace, my friend, I will remember the happy times we had:

This podcast dedicated to Denise Comito-McGowan RN
April 9, 1955-November 12, 2011

Fall Re-cap

Well, it was a busy fall for me and here's where I was:

SOAR (Spin-Off's Autumn Retreat, Manchester, NH)

Was I ever glad I went to this which was literally right in my backyard!! Great mentors and great shopping for the spinning enthusiast! Sessions I participated in:

Mohair Boucle the Easy Way with Maggie Casey
Hand Carding with Andrea Mielke-Schroer
Cotton Spinning on a Tahkli with Sephanie Gausted
Navaho Spinning with D.Y. Begay

Stitches East (Hartford, CT)
Always a blast especially if you take classes! Went to the fashion shows and the Opening Day Session as well! Leaves you the good kind of tired!

Intro to Rigid Heddle Weaving with Deborah Jarchow
Seamless Crochet with Kristin Omdahl
Beyond Beginner Crochet with Drew Emborsky
Japanese Crochet Motifs with Myra Wood
Columns of Color with Knit One Below with Elise Duvekot
Thrummed Mittens Knitted or Crocheted with Marlaina Bird

New England Fiber Festival at the Big E (Springfield, MA)
Great turnout of fiber enthusiasts and a BIG special THANK-YOU to you podcast listeners who stopped by to say hello and give support---that meant so much to me---it's YOU who motivate me to turn on the mic!

And finally.........
To all my listeners, supporters, and friends: May you have a safe and happy holiday season------many, many wishes for a happy, but more importantly, a healthy 2012! Remember, until next time, keep your needles, hooks, and wheels humming, be kind to other folks, and I'll talk to you soon!!