Sunday, January 30, 2011

Winter Quiet: Reflect in the Stillness

Clear your head, problem-solve, gain perspective, or just groove on the season!

Fiber Conquests
Mayflower Vest
---on hiatus (as well as
EZ's rib warmer) due to the start of the Shawl Collar Vest Class @
Instructor Annie Foley is excelle
nt---learned several tips/tricks already. Vest's cables start in the ribbing (I haven't done THAT before). Need to knit up to the armholes by next Sunday's class! Time to get cracking!

SOCKS!! Check it out:
Rockin' Sock Club by Bluemoon Fiber Arts!! Yay! How did I miss THIS for 6 years?!? Please let me NOT have Second Sock Syndrome during this!!! Sorry, can't post pictures of yarn as some participants may not have received their shipment yet---I promised not to be a "spoiler."

Riverstone Cardigan by
Mandy Moore
Up to the armholes on the body--this part is 'resting' whilst I work on the arms which will be joined eventually with the body. Stay tuned!

Still working on the Pinebark Hood!

Started a crocheted hat from my hands
pun ragwool from my sheep. Pattern: Crocheted Seamen's Cap by Beth Hall. Download the pattern free at The Seamen's Church Institute cares for the personal, professional, and spiritual needs of mariners around the world. Founded: 1834.

Alpaca!! 2009 clip is done and delivered!! John, owner of the alpacas, surprised me this we
ek by showing me a hat he had knitted (on a round peg loom) from the yarn I had spun. 'Back to the land' at its best!

Northeast Fiber Arts Center

Felt Boot Kit......

and Fitzwolle Slippers Kit
What's happening on the farm?

are getting grain on the frigid days (when there's a minus sign in front of the number). Grain is crack cocaine to sheep---get out of the wa
y when administering.....

Mr. Squirrel
@ the bird feeder.

Buddy survives a trip to the vet and is surviving his medication regimen! Thanks to all the vets and vet techs of the world and all the good that they do! :-)

Sleeping on the Job

Anesthetizing children can be a say the least.


Marrying knitting with papercraft----creating a container for your knitting needles. Brought to you by Knitting Daily.

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Until next time.........stay warm, go play in the snow if you have some, and be kind to other folks.

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