Thursday, December 9, 2010

Podcast Promo & Episode 1 now on iTunes!

Hello one & all!
'Tis the season to start something new! As promised, I have begun podcasting! I managed to navigate quite a few unexpected bumps in that road (because I'm basically a computer cretin)---but I'm happy to say that I've learned quite a bit from both the Libsyn & iTunes support people. Hope you enjoy listening!

Show notes: These will be rudimentary for this first go-around since I expended most of my time and energy into recording, uploading, etc. of the podcast.

Knitting: Mayflower Vest by Donna Kay
This is a fair isle vest done in two colors with an all-over pattern. The yarn is Rauma Finullgarn in off-white and maroon. I'm knitting it in the round with one steek up the center. Donna Kay's designs are fabulous and she spends a great deal of time getting the pattern right! I love her designs which can be found at Harrisville Designs right here in Northern New England:
Donna's contact information: and she is treeoflife on Ravelry.

No pictures on this one yet---perhaps next week!

Crocheting: Crocheted Felt Boot Slippers by Fiber Trends
These are a Christmas gift for my sister (who wore out her last pair). Crocheted huge on a big hook (size N) and then thrown to the washer on hot cycle. They shrink down to the appropriate size. The yarn is Araucania distributed by KFI in color #416. ( Can be done with double soles that you crochet and attach with a row of single crochet OR you can crochet one sole and attach a suede sole after the machine felting---this version tends to last a lot longer! Added bonus with this pattern: you can needle felt a sheep or other such item of your choice to the side after the boots have dried. My sister will probably be sporting the sheep. Fiber trends patterns & kits can be found at:
Suede slipper soles can be found at Patternworks:

Needlefelting: Ski Sheep from Woolpets
This little guy is soooo cute as are the other animals in this line. The kit comes complete with the wool, directions, and needle to make this adorable little sheep on skis! All the materials are packed within a clear acrylic Chinese-food-style package including the metal handle. To see this and others log onto the WEBS website:

Spinning: Alpaca, alpaca, alpaca
I'm spinning a friend's alpaca----trying to finish up last year's clip so that I may go onto THIS year's clip-------how did I get myself into this? Still I need and want to do my own spinning!

What's happening in the barn?
New bunnies!! Pictures to follow

Sleeping on the Job: Some background on the profession of nurse anesthesia.

Yammer: Those podcasts that inspire me!
Cast On by Brenda Dayne
CogKnitive Podcast by Dr. Gemma
KIPing it Real by Jacky
The Knit Wits by Carin & Rick
KnitCents by Rachel
Knitmore Girls by Jasmin & Gigi
Knitting Pipeline by Paula
Spin Control by Shilo
Ready, Set, Knit by Kathy & Steve Elkins at Webs Yarn Store
Yarn Craft from Lion Brand Yarns
Yarns from the Plain by Nik

Thanks to all of these talented folks who have entertained and inspired me for quite some time now!


  1. I listen to podcasts from the computer and I can't find a link that takes me to libsyn for your episode. Help!

  2. Hello:
    Actually, you can now search "Counting Sheep" in iTunes under podcasts. Thanks for your interest!

  3. You can find the podcast as well on Libsyn: